DIAMOND kick-off in Tallinn
February 3, 2010. TALLINN.

On February 3, the kick-off meeting of the FP7 IST collaborative project DIAMOND took place at the Hotel Nordic Forum in Tallinn. The event was opened by Prof. Raimund Ubar, the head of the design and test research group at Tallinn University of Technology (TUT).

The meeting consisted of presentations by the project co-ordinator Dr. Jaan Raik (TUT)
and by the consortium partners Cindy Eisner (IBM), Gunnar Carlsson (Ericsson),
Dr. Görschwin Fey (University of Bremen), Dr. Erik Larsson (Linköping University), Prof. Roderick Bloem (TU Graz), Stephen Scholefield (TransEDA Systems) and Dr. Artur Jutman (Testonica Lab). The presentations were followed by discussions and planning of future activities.

08. 02. 2010